4 Potential Impacts Of COVID-19 On Custom Storage Building In Tyler, Texas

May 4, 2020 at 4:00 AM

With a rapid increase in the number of people fleeing from cities and urban centers to escape the COVID-19 outbreak, storage units will likely become a much more utilized entity. According to New York State statistics, 14% of city residents have fled to rural areas to ride out the storm, and all across the country, urban centers are seeing a drastic decrease in population. Looking into the potential long-term influence on urban areas and growing normality of remote work, it is likely that a large portion of former, full-time city residents will need a place to temporarily store their belongings. Below we lay out some potential outcomes of COVID-19’s impact, and the direction where we think our industry is headed.  

More storage units for abandoned apartments. 

As leases end and former residents of urban areas decide to remain in the country, there will be a potential increase in the amount of people renting or building storage units. With the resounding uncertainty of when urban areas will be safe to inhabit again, it is likely that residents will remain tucked away in remote corners of the world until things are restored to normal. Many people have a lease coming up and are hesitant about resigning one until things are safe and there will be a need to store a household’s worth of furnishings in a unit that can fit them.

An increase in new structures for new rural residents. 

As people begin to shift away from the city, it is probable that many will end up staying. International crisis situations deeply influence trends and can change the structure of society. And with the growing normality of remote work, there will be less of a need to return to the city immediately. It is likely that more structures will need to be built in order to accommodate new residents in rural towns who are acclimating to rural life. 

Spacious interiors. 

New social distancing laws will likely be in effect for the foreseeable future. That means more interiors will need maximized amounts of space to keep people from getting too close. All units will likely have to be much larger, especially if they are being used by numerous people at once. Expect to see newly built units include a little extra space to keep things safe. 

Limits on crew sizes. 

When new units are assembled, there will likely be a restriction on how many workers can take on a single project at once. Working in significantly smaller crews will be taken as a precaution to keep productivity up and clients safe. 

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