These hand-crafted, old-fashioned structures are unique in many ways. Rather than having a permanent location once installed, our portable buildings are designed and built with mobility. From backyard sheds to hobby huts, to cabins, Stillwater Buildings offer portable buildings for every need you could have. And with such versatility, these structures have gained popularity throughout the entire nation.


Whether you are in need of extra storage space, a she shed or man cave, tiny home, office, green house or just a convenient place to keep your lawn equipment, Stillwater Buildings are designed to do it all.

That Was Then, This is Now!

Did you know that portable building sheds were once built using mammoth tusks, skin, and bones? You're probably thinking that's crazy! But throughout history, people found creative ways to construct their sheds; while they may not have lasted, they got the job done. As time has passed, the materials used to build these structures have changed, but their purpose did not. Still to this day, portable building sheds are being utilized for comfort and storage purposes, they are just new-and-improved compared to those used before.

Features of Portable Buildings

We want each of our customers to enjoy their custom portable building from the day of installation and for years to come. That's why we offer such a unique selection of customization options to choose from. We've listed a few of these customizations below:

  • All-Wood Framing
  • Metal Roofing or Shingles
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Metal or Wood Siding
  • Shelves
  • Porches
  • Colors
  • Roof Styles

For additional assistance personalizing your new structure, you can contact us today by phone At 903-566-6720.

Site Preparation

Before we can install your portable building, your site must be level, clear of debris or vegetation, and accessible to our installation crew. If our crew cannot access the site within 50 feet or less, additional labor fees will be charged. You (the customer) are also responsible for obtaining required permits, covenant searches, and information regarding right-of-way and restrictions. Keep in mind that trees, hills, houses, fences, and other outdoor structures are obstacles that can and will impede our delivery to your property, and you are responsible for having them cleared. It is unsafe and illegal to install a steel structure under overhead power lines, so please make sure there are none close to the assembly site. If you neglect to notify your building specialist of these impediments in writing, you will most likely have additional charges added to your final price.

Modern Day Uses for Portable Storage Buildings for Sale

Compared to the older portable storage sheds used throughout time, today's new-and-improved buildings are more durable, versatile, and portable. With the materials we have access to today, our buildings have the ability to withstand the changing seasons and foul weather conditions. And to top it off, you can relocate our portable sheds without having to disassemble them!

Garden Shed

Store all your garden tools and pieces of lawn equipment nearby with one of our portable storage sheds. You can even customize the unit with shelves and benches to accommodate all your needs.

Guest House

With custom sizes available, you can have a portable building house installed on your property to serve as a guest house. No more worrying about where everyone will sleep when friends and family come over, just send them to your guest house!

Pool Shed

If you have a pool at your home, it's possible that you are up to your neck in pool floats, toys, and swimming gear. But when you purchase one of our portable sheds and convert it into a pool shed, you can avoid all the clutter and have a place to dry off!


Having a quiet place to go when there's work to be done is a luxury that most people do not have. However, one of our portable building cabins or houses would serve as the perfect private office.

Utility Shed

Get rid of all that clutter inside and outside of your home with one of our portable storage sheds. Those old yard shoes, toys, bikes, yard sale items, and everything in between can be stored away in a utility shed in your backyard.

Prices: There are certain factors that will affect the price of your portable building, ranging from its size and style to your location, to your intended purpose for the structure. Although there are several variables that affect the final cost, we also have our standard prices. For example, a 6'W x 8'L garden series portable building usually starts around $1,200. While on the other hand, a standard 14'W x 28'L cabin starts around $8,800.

Sizes: The size of your portable building shed should be based on the size of your site, your budget, and your intentions for the structure. If you plan to store lawn equipment in the shed, you need a spacious interior that can accommodate all your equipment with some room to spare. We also like to remind customers of possible future needs; a common mistake made among customers is investing in a structure too small to accommodate future needs. No one ever said, "Dang, my building is way too big, I wish I would have ordered a smaller one."

Advantages of Portable Buildings for Sale

In addition to their mobility, there are multiple advantages to investing in one of our portable buildings that outweigh those of other structure styles. We've provided a list below with some of the benefits you will get when you purchase from Stillwater Buildings:


From their ease of mobility to their versatile designs, these structures are more flexible than ever before. Not only can you move them to new locations, but you can also customize them to suit your needs.


When you look at the cost of building your own shed, or the prices offered with other companies, our price tags get a little more attractive. Not only do we have affordable prices, but the savings you get by partnering with us is substantial.

Quick Install

Our portable building sheds are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our dedicated manufacturing plants. The additional steps we take at our facilities allow us to cut assembly time nearly in half as we just have to set the structure in place once delivered.


Do you want the color of your roof to match the color of your sides? Would you like more than one window? No matter how detailed or simple your desires may be, our unique customization options let you do it all.

Manufacturer Benefits

Through the close relationships we have formed with manufacturers across the U.S., we are able to provide the best prices and lead times to our customers.

Why Stillwater is Different... and Why That's Good

Are you finally ready to order the dream structure you've been waiting for? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Stillwater Buildings, we take our craftsmanship seriously, guaranteeing quality products at an affordable price. We even offer today's leading warranties to back each of our buildings up. If you're ready to improve your way of life with one of our portable building sheds, give us a call today at (903) 566-6720 to speak with one of our building experts. We can't wait to get started.

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