Need more storage but don't have any space to accommodate it? From farms and ranches to homes, our pole barns can fulfill almost every need imaginable. Built with all-wood framing and covered with galvanized steel siding, these structures offer reliable protection for your livestock, equipment, and everything in between!


Would you like to have the perfect horse barn to protect your animals, or maybe a storage building for all your agricultural equipment and feed? With a pole barn from Stillwater Buildings, you can have all that and more!

Quality Pole Barns

From the ground up, pole barn buildings are an exceptional investment, lasting for years to come. We use treated lumber for the framework and high-quality, galvanized steel for the outside. If we're going to build it, we're going to build it the right way.

Applications for Pole Barn Buildings

The pole barns we have here at Stillwater Buildings are designed to accommodate any and all agricultural needs of farmers and ranchers as well as those of a homeowner. Whether you're in need of a storage barn to keep your equipment safe and in good condition, a horse barn to keep your livestock healthy, or a housing unit, our pole barn buildings can do it all. These post-framed structures are the perfect solution no matter what your needs may be.

Benefits of Owning a Prefab Pole Barn


Not only do we provide exceptional prices here at Stillwater Buildings, We offer our customers the best possible prices. And with little maintenance required, you can save your money rather than having to pay for repairs.


Our pole barn buildings are engineered and assembled with high-quality products, allowing them to stand strong against the weather elements and changing seasons. With pressure-treated lumber and galvanized steel siding, these barns can last for years to come!

Easy to build

At Stillwater Buildings, we understand there are some people who like to do certain tasks themselves, aka "DIYers", and some who like to save their money. That's why we offer our pole barn kits. With these kits, you can assemble your very own structure in no time at all!


Thanks to precise-engineering and quality products, these pole barns can withstand harsh weather elements such as high winds and heavy precipitation. All the components for our structures are manufactured in Wills Point, Texas, to ensure quality.


A post-frame structure has very little waste and doesn't require heavy machinery to be assembled. And almost 100% of the components used to assemble our pole barns are recyclable!


We offer our customers a wide variety of customization options to choose from. With a selection such as ours, it's almost impossible to not get exactly what you're looking for!

Pole Barn Prices

The price of a product usually determines if you will buy it or not, and while there are a few things that factor into the final price of your pole barn: your location, the manufacturer, customizations, and the size of the barn. After you have found, or designed, your structure, we take all these factors into consideration.

Color Options at Stillwater Buildings

At Stillwater Buildings, we want you to have everything you desire. That's why we made sure to provide a unique selection of customization options to choose from, including colors. You get to choose the color of the roof, the trim and the walls of your new pole barn. And with our 3D planner, you can design your dream structure and see it before spending your hard-earned money!

The dedication we have for our customers at Stillwater Buildings is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. We strive every day to provide excellent customer service and quality products that will meet both your needs and BUDGET!

Not only are we here to help design your dream structure, but we're here for you even after the initial sale. Let's get started today, contact us at (903) 566-6720 To get started today.

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